First Dip Stories! List how old you were and what happened with your first dip! this should be funny!

I was 16 years old. Me and my long time friend were in the library of my home town. He'd been dippin since he was about 9 years old and he always asked me to get a pinch. Well after years of asking I finally did.. I got a small pinch but only about half of it went in my mouth. I was light headed as hell and sittin in a bottle every 5 seconds. We got into the car of my friends parents I was woozy.. holding my headed infront of the AC to get some air.. we finally got to my friends house.. he opened the door and I face planted the dirt. My friends parents asked "What's wrong with him." My friend answered "it's his first dip!" They just laughed.. It was an experience but I'm glad to say I never threw up like most people out there

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I was prolly 16... me and my buddy found a can on the Golf course... I think it was cope snuff... put a lil hog nut in and buzzed my tits off... then got sick shortly after.. swallowed some finecut... but nowadays I rub cope wintergreen

hey ya'll,my first dip I was probably about 13 or so out fishen with a an oder friend of mine who dipped grizzly wintergreen long cut.we were out on the boat and I said hey gimme some of that and he just laughed and said knock yourself a baby pinch compared to the hog nuts I can throw in today and bout ten minutes later it was the end of the world as I knew it.i rolled out of the boat onto the dock and layed there for about a half hour till I felt barely well enough to walk back to the house when my mom was like whats wrong with you,jake was quickly like oh he's just got some sun sickness from beein out all day.then a few years later was when I started dippen and oddly enough it was grizz wintergreen.

my first dip was when I saw my uncle,brother and paw dip grizzy . i asked my dad knowing i was 8 . the first feeling i got was sick,the thought a coke bottle had coke in it and i drank it . that was its been almost 10n years of dippin ever sice.

My first dip was when i was 13 with a buddie of mine that I played Baseball with. I stayed the night over his house one night and the next day he had a older guy go in and get some skoal straight for us. Keep in mind I never herd of dip until that day so i didn't know what I was In for. So my buddie comes out with a can and we go to the lake and grab a pinch and put it in. My buddie never told me to spit so i kept swallowing the spit like I normally did with out dip. Oh boy was I in for it my stomach started making noises and I started getting dizzy instantly. He was like dude you okay I was like I dont think so Lmao! I sat down and it all came out next to this lady feeding the ducks besides us. Suprized I didnt puke all over her. She was like you okay I was like nope My stomach saying fuck you right now and she said excuse me. I said never mind and we left that park that day laughing cuz my friend said after that I should of told you to spit. I was like thanks for telling me after the fact was a good time even know it was bad first experience for me.

playing little league, had a rough inning pitching, my catcher says "my brother swears by this and is on the high school team..."  hands me a can of bandits....went back out, struck out the side, the rest is history

I was 13 years old catching crawdads with my friend Cody. When he reaches over to grab the basket and his dip can falls out of his pocket. I picked it up and asked if I could try some. Oblivious to the nicotine I took a fat dip like I seen people in the archery range do. We were in a John boat at the time and it was my turn to bring up the craws. Not knowing how woozy I had become I leant over the edge to grab the string but kept leaning over. Long story short I fell off the boat, lost my dip in the lake and loved it ever since!
I was 14 years old, I seen my buddy at school had a can in his back pocket, so I asked him for a pinch, it was Grizzly Wintergreen. We were in class and I was so dizzy it was awesome, I never puked or gagged or anything. I'm 18 now and Griz Green Long Cut(Sometimes I'll do fine cut) is my every day dip.

The first time i ever took a chew was Copenhagen snuff. i was 13 and was rabbit hunting with my dad and older brother. They both popped a chew in and i asked if i could have one. So they gave me one and i got really light headed but never threw up. Copenhagen snuff is the best man chew.

I was 13 the first time I tried it but I don't count it as my first time due to the fact I wasn't sure what I was doing with it and just got it all over my mouth. My real first time I was 16 and I had a buddy of mine get me a can of Copenhagen WG because I head that was what real dippers used. So I put in a pinch and I'm drivin down the road I start spinning. Pull over and throw up all over the road. Been dipping ever since. 21 now.

my first dip was skoal mint long cut when i was a sophomore in high school. i barley kept it in and was terrified i might swallow spit.

Mine was a little over a year ago, i had bought can of copenhagen wintergreen and through a big ole hogger for my first dip... badidea. i immediately felt a loss of balance and motor skills. i just kept sitting in my chair and spitting in my bottle (this was before i bought my mudjug). i just sat there, mouth agape and almost drooling knwing if i breathed wrong, moved wrong or tried to get up id prolly fall over lol, i loved the buzz so i kept doing it and still do to this day

Mine was Copenhagen in the original cardboard can finecut was in junior high at the time. Tried the original "Key" also.
Also tried all the skoals also like the original the best. Now I've been chewing the Copenhagen new flavors. Like the southern blend and black. Last night I bought some Copenhagen mint.

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