Heres for all you backroad truckers out there. Ford, Chevy/GMC or dodge? What to you drive? What do you prefer? My first pickup was a F150, but I just bought a 09 GMC 1500 and love er.

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I'm a Ford guy. Chevy is my second choice. I've never seen a Ford quit. Ever.

Im a big Ford guy, second Dodge never own a Chevy/GMC
my first truck Ford F-150 single cab 4x4 8 foot bed
Dodge Quad cab, 2 wheel drive, with a Hemi.

Ford and dodge in second with Chevy as asswhip

I'm a chevy guy, duramax diesel with the Allison Transmission......2nd got to get a Dodge with their Hemi power.

Chevy all day everyday

Ford Powerstroke all day

I know im going to catch shit for this but I prefer Toyota my whole family has yotas my first truck was a 1995 Toyota 4runner on 35's and 4 wheel drive I took that thing through holes fords and chevys couldent make it through since then ive had a 1980 toytoa t100 and a 2006 tundra and now I have a 2000 4runner 2wd but my dream truck is a 1996 chevy Silverado stepside painted olive green on 35's 4x4 and a 5 speed so I guess im a chevy and Toyota guy

I prefer Nissan & Toyota but if I had to get american then it would be Dodge

I drIve a 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500hd and wouldn't trade it for the world best truck I have ever had
Ford & Dodge type of girl; but my family is all Chevy.

Ford. I have a 2012 Chevy 3500HD dump truck and a 2014 Ford F250 Super duty for my business. I run the piss out of my trucks by necessity and work them hard and there is no other truck out there that is as durable as a Ford. My Chevy dump truck is doing good so far but my Ford is built just as heavy as the Chevy and it's only a 3/4 ton pickup. Fords are definitely overbuilt. I tried a few Dodges but they don't even come close to Ford or Chevy, the transmissions are too weak to be handled roughly daily driving let alone hauling 5000 pounds of dirt.

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