What do u prefer a gas engine or a diesal engine

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For the moment? Gas, its cheaper. My 300 inline six ford will do anything a stock 6bt Cummins will do.

But u get way better performance
With a diesal

Depends how much your willing to spend?

I gave a dodge cummins and iv pulled my brother hemi backwords.without no problem
I have
Depends on what I'm usin it for..

Diesel is the way too go for hauling. Got a 99 F350 Superduty with the classic 7.3. Have put an performance exhaust, cold air intake, and 6 position chip on it. Hauling a trailer get 20mpg have no clue around town.


I have an f650 now I.had a cummins that pulles.anything.i.put.on the back of it.with out no.problem and I had a smarty on it

diesel has come a long way i mean the first generation dodge cummins with the VE pump had 145HP and like 350TQ you buy a dodge 318 small block of that same year it was at like 180 HP 330TQ the numbers were that close...back in the day when there were 6.2s 6.9s 7.3IDI 6.5s a big block gaser was the way to go for hauling... cummins really did start a diesel revolution....now a days things are different i think only 1 percent of the U.S.A population really needs a diesel truck that can tow 26,000 pounds i think most new diesels are pointless way to much money and stupid.. dont get me wrong i love diesels i think nothing sounds better then a p pump 12valve cummins but the new ones can be all burnt to the ground the new emissions on them are ruining diesel performance companys...its almost impossible to get performance out of a new diesel...if you want crazy power increases mechanical pumps are were its at... 800TQ stock is just stupid if you need like really really need that much TQ out of a stock truck then you NEED to look at buying a semi...i think all the companys need to tone it down think how much more cheaper and better MPGs a truck would have/be if the companys made the HP and TQ a little more realistic then they could work on other things like mpg and emissions...I dont know call me stupid call me smart thats my 2 cents

but im both gaser and diesel no matter what it is its not what someone can buy its what they build....thats were the cool factor comes in




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