Yea, there's a million posts on Facebook bout this, but hey ya'll. Imma post it up here. Reply how ya'll feel.

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Concur. Moreover, it has been made very clear he is a Godly man. That question never had to be asked and we all knew how he would answer. My thoughts are, why is ok for the gays to push their thoughts on straights, but not the other way around? this country has become soft. We let too many peoples feelings get in the way. Are you serious?? If they people don't wanna watch, then DON'T!! Hell a&e cuts a lot of the show because of the familys beliefs. That right there is bull shit.

Completely agree. So, Disney has a gay day, there are gay parades. Seriously? They say they want equal rights, well assholes, you should get equal everything then. No more gay parades, gay days, gay fucking rainbows. A rainbow is not for gays, or shouldnt be. FUCK THAT. I'm pissed. I tell you what, I feel the same, I can barely type this without getting pissed. America has become weak. I'm pissed.
Thank God SkyJacker is still backing Duck Commander, as well as Bass Pro as far as I can tell. I was there just yesterday, and they had no A&E shit, but Duck Commander yes. Duck Dynasty is owned by A&E, not Duck Commander. As for me, I'm done with A&E. I will NOT watch that channel. FUCK'EM rght in the eye hole!!



Sorry for the 'F' bomb. I can't take the stupidy of A&E anymore.

I had the same thing to say pretty much. i dont understand why its such a big deal. he was raised religious and grew up in a diffrent time everyone is blowing it up but the media always does i mean you see them do the same thing with troops, and many other things as well its messed up and pisses me off.

Maddie Marks said:

i don't feel it was a matter of his freedom if speech.
it was ridiculous how the media was referring to his statements as gay-bashing and whatnot. he disagreed with their personal choices but never once said he hated them for it.
a&e knew what his beliefs were long ago and he's been expressing them since day one. i'd just like to know why they decided to do this all of a sudden.

Maddie, America is a whole lot weaker than we used to be. Yes we have room to 'grow' however we're doin so in the wrong direction. Everything having to be PC now, is B.S. I concur, we should not have to pay for illeagals medical bills. I will have to read Paul Harvey's speach now to know what you're talkin bout. So, thanks for the heads up.

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