I've seen several posts sayin how, but with this I wanna know WHY?? For me, i was interested in it anyway. I didnt want to smoke, but the farmer i worked for was dippin and i thought it was bad ass. I started when I was 12 at huntin camp. A family member bout my age was dippin and I was able to get a pinch from him. I was hooked. Even though I did puke my guts out, then had my uncles bust my balls bout it. I still enjoyed to shit outta dippin. Now ya'lls turn,
why'd you start?

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Always hated smoking makes me wanna puke cigars especially.... Ive just always enjoyed dip I did puke my third time I did Skoal fine cut just cause I didn't know how to manage it and it ended up under my tounge and everywhere and I just gagged but I've always been partial to dip my parents just let me when I was 13,so why not they'd have had a cow if I was smoking back then though....
Hey y'all my first dip was grizzly wintergreen now I'm stuck on cope wintergreen
I grew up seeing my grandpa and uncle dipping! I looked up to them as a father figure. I figured since they dipped I was supposed to also. My first dip was cope whiskey when I was 11 because it was popular at the time and that is also what was just lying around the house. I haven't looked back since, tobacco is one of the fine ingredients that built this country and I support it all day everyday!

Started recently. I've been a smoker for many years, but here in Australia you can't buy any kind of smokeless tobacco. Been looking into smokeless tobacco for a while and wanted to try dip.
On a whim one day I ordered a can of Copenhagen Wintergreen from Northener.com, and damn if I didn't fall in love straight away.
Tasty as hell, no smoke in my lungs and gave me a slight buzz.

when I was 11 I smoked cigs and I was tired of being caught by teachers cause I smelled like smoke so I was with my older brother one day and he gave be his can and I tried it if I remember right it was skoal wintergreen long cut and from that dip on i was hooked me and him had a deal every time i mowed his lawn he would buy me a can then when i was 15 he took me to the store where he went and he got them to believe i was 18 so from then on i bought my own im 18 now and you will never catch me with out a can and i have not had a cig in 6 years

i stated dippin when i was about 10 years old, because my uncle told me to have some "redneck candy" (the dip he gave me was cope snuff) he showed me how its done, and of course i wanted to be just like him so i followed suit. well turn out that i loved the stuff.. Years later he told me that he was exspecting me to run around spitting it out. Lol well thats how i got started and i havent set the can down since then besides the fact i only do Grizzly mint instead of Cope snuff.

I started to stop smoking around the bf that quit smoking as a support method for him and actually enjoy it instead of smoking

All the men in my family dipped and/or chewed, so I started... now they've all quit and give me shit for starting, but I ain't about to quit any time soon
Everyone at work does it. Gave it a go one afternoon and been throwing them in ever since. Relaxing way to take the edge off at the end of the day.
Needed a relax method to make it through the school day so I gave it a try and loved it
Thought I'd give it a try when I wanted to quit smoking - been booked ever since the first pinch
Started when I was 14 skoal bandits then Kodiak peer pressured into Copenhagen started because been around it my whole life my

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