The blinds are assembled in both concealed and surface installed styles. When purchasing, the size of the blinds need to be measured according to diverse assembly methods. Blinds concealed from the window lattice, its length should be like the height of this window, but the width is actually reduced by 1~2 cm with the left and right sides with the window. If the shutters are hung outside the actual window, then the length should be about 10 cm longer versus the height of the eye-port, and the width is concerning 5 cm wider versus the sides of the window to make certain a good shading influence. In general, small rooms for example kitchens and toilets are prepared by concealed blinds, while large rooms like living rooms, bedrooms, and dens are more suitable for use using exposed blinds.
Look from quality
The blades in the blinds are an important portion of the adjustment blinds. While buying blinds, it 's best to first touch the louver blades to discover if they are smooth and perhaps, and see if each blade will burr. In general, high-quality blinds are better handled in terms of blade details, especially louver blades crafted from plastic, wood, and bamboo. If the texture is more preferable, its service life might be longer.
The adjustment rod can also be an important part from the blinds. The adjustment lever with the blind has two characteristics, one is to alter the lifting switch on the blind, and the other is usually to adjust the angle in the blade. When inspecting that adjustment lever, first hang the blinds and aim to pull it to examine if the lifting switch can be smooth, then turn the adjustment lever to see if the blade is likewise flexible.
Observe color
The blades and every one of the accessories, including the line frame, the adjustment icon, the pull wire, and the small accessories on the particular adjustment bar, must be kept inside same color.
Check your finish
The smoothness from the blade and the wire frame is felt manually, and the good level of quality product is smooth and flat, without the feeling of stabbing hands.
Open the curtain as well as test the opening and closing function with the blade
Rotate the fine-tuning rod to open the blade, and the blades should maintain the best level between the mower blades, that is, the spacing length between the blades will be uniform, and the blades are kept straight and have no feeling of bending along. When the blades tend to be closed, the blades should often be in mutual agreement against each other without leakage.
Check that deformation resistance
After the actual blade is opened, the blade is usually pressed down by hand to create the blade under your bend, and then that hand is quickly unveiled. If the blade is immediately restored towards horizontal state, no bending phenomenon appears, indicating that the tempered glass for sale quality is qualified.
Check automatic locking function
If your blades are all made, pull the wire to retract the blade. At these times, pull the wire towards right, the blade need to be automatically locked, keep that corresponding rolled up point out, neither continue to retract, nor loose. Otherwise, we have a problem with the locking operate.

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