Which one do you use???


At the current time, I have neither, but am fixin' on buy couple mudjugs, and maybe a spitbud....

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Mud jug
Mudjug all th way
Mud jug

mud jug for me

Definitely get a mudjug

I use a mudjug because 1 they just look cool and 2 my mudjug is signed by outlaw dipper and that makes it better than any spit but and its YEEEELLLLOOOWWWW! But the only thing I like about spitbuds is that they can hold your dip can but either way they both don't spill and it gets the job done so its all on preference. But I like to use mudjugs! And always no matter what your doing 24/7 KEEP IT FRIKIN HILLBILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fuck that spitbud bullshit get your self a mudjug 

The only reason to have a spitbud would be for the road they make nice cup holders

Mud Jug is the way to go! 

mug jug all the way

I just order my mudjug's. this is what i ordered:
Mud Jug 1: Confederate Camo Mud Jug
Mud Jug 2: POW Prisoner of War Mud Jug
Mud Jug 3: Red Sexy Zombie Mud Jug
Mud Jug 4: Realtree Hardwoods Green Mud Jug


mudjug is what im getting but i could see a spit bud for a car or something. but mudjugs have that clasic look+ there sweet as tits!

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