Freedom Rights Militia Training Requirements

Freedom Rights Militia Training Requirements

1. Must be in good health and drug and alcohol free (Drugs and alcohol in this militia is STRICTLY PROHIBITED).

2. Must follow the orders and instructions of all Staff Sergeants and Drill Sergeants. If such action of refusal has taken place by any person(s) during the 6 week training process the person(s) will face a disciplinary action by the Major General or if any other serious act has taken place you WILL be seen by the Militia Leader and Chancellor.

3. You must bring your own camouflage clothing and boots.

4. You must be able to run long distant and complete every task over the next 6 weeks of your training period. If you have any medical or body health issues you must address that to the present instructor which will be documented for your health and safety.

NOTE- This militia trains you harder than any military branch in the U.S drop out rate is 63%

5. You will have no more than 5 hours of sleep during the first 2 weeks of the training session.

6. There will be medical bystanders on site if any injury has occurred during the training session.

7. Once you sign the Freedom Rights Militia oath there will be no turning back or dropping out at any time.

NOTE- The oath to this militia is a lifetime oath. Any violations to this oath will be taken seriously and dealt with the top ranking officials and Militia Government, INCLUDING ILLEAGAL IMMIGRATION.


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