how many pinches yall get out of a can

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At $20 a can I try to take smaller dips
3-4 pinches out of a can especially stokers cause its like moss
Depends if I'm broke or not. Haha usually try to maker 6-8
Depends on the dip and how broke but useally in between 5 to 7 pinches

about 4 or 5 average, 3-4 decent sized ones

I get bout 4 or 5  some times 2 or 3 if its cheap like timber wolf I pack fattys and horseshoes

About 6

4-6 depends on how much beer lol

Usually 2 with a partial left, I pack big dips...

About 3 and 5 tins can only last me 2days..




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how many pinches yall get out of a canContinue


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