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Combined Spec. Ops.

If the words USSOCOM, SOG, AFSOC, NSW, MARSOC, USASOC, then I want to talk to you. Not looking for anyone who was assigned as support to any of the above. Only wanting prior "Operational Experience".… View »

Emergency Contacts

Militia Leader Cell 570-396-4157 EMAIL: ADMIRAL-309-238-2470 C WARRANT OFFICER-804-466-2100 SERGEANT MAJOR-434-836-2841 COMMANDING OFFICER-678-849-5078 EMAIL:frc.cochran.c… View »

Freedom Rights Militia Training Requirements

Freedom Rights Militia Training Requirements 1. Must be in good health and drug and alcohol free (Drugs and alcohol in this militia is STRICTLY PROHIBITED). 2. Must follow the orders and instructio… View »


IN TWO years the system which has now been overthrown has piled mistake upon mistake, illusion upon illusion. And that is also true for our foreign policy. Only since the time when through our Moveme… View »

Persons with Military experience Needed

We need men and or women with military experience to provided the necessary training for skills and combat for small units of troops within the militia. If you have a small group of men and or women… View »


Every member must meet with us in person before becoming a member. In the interview, the recruiter will talk to you about the history of the Freedom Rights Militia, what it is like to be a member of… View »

Freedom Rights Military Code of Conduct

Militia Code of Conduct I am an American serving with the unorganized citizens militia which guards my state, our constitution and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their d… View »

Freedom Rights Militia Oath.

I,                         as a Member of the Freedom Rights Militia do solemnly swear to protect the  Constitution of the United Stat… View »




Blog Posts

Where's the chat room??

Posted by Slim on January 20, 2022 at 8:30pm 0 Comments

The chat room was removed. I asked the admin about it, but no update. It wasn't used enough, but did it have to be removed? Any chance it will return? Appreciated if it is!

Dipper Nation pep rally!

Posted by Slim on August 20, 2020 at 1:00am 1 Comment

This is a great dipper site! It'd be better, if more participated and use it though. A few here use the chat room, but not often. I send friend requests and birthday wishes, but no reply. Come on and join in, and dip!

Whats going on yall- Im new!!!

Posted by Redneck Savage on October 18, 2018 at 1:00am 1 Comment

     Whats going on yall! So check this shit out. I go by the name Redneck Savage. I fuck shit up, only difference is unlike yall two face fucking cunts- I actually do shit I say. I blow shit up in the middle of fucking town, making people think its a fucking sand nigger invasion. Mother fuckers always say im fucking crazy. I dip like a god damn crazy ass mother fucker, having bout 4-6 cans a fucking day. What yall do for a living. Currently, I don't really have a job cause I have a…


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